Panorama from the Bulgarian capitol, Sofia

The shots of this panorama had been taken on a late Sunday morning, in 18 February 2001. Maybe it is the reason of the low traffic.
Clear weather, nice sunshine, the temperature was about 10 centigrades. The panorama assembled by me from 13 single digital photos.
At the start we can see a broad, yellow brick road, the Tzar Liberator square (far away, near to the construction site with crane have been located earlier the Dimitrov mausoleum, removed after the fall of the socialism). The tall house standing behind the trees is the National Bank. The next is the Archeological Museum, originally the Buyuk (Big) Mosque with 9 domes. One can identify it also by sculptures and ancient stones in front of the facade. After getting familiar with a young Bulgarian guy we are turning to the gates of the palace, belonging to the President of the Republic. Guarded by two uniformed man the gates, which have at the top the golden arms of the country. In the following block on the other side of the broad square is the Central Department Store and the closely connected Palace of the Government (Council of Ministers). The next building is the National Assembly, i.e. the parliament (formerly the headquarters of the Communist Party), with stairs leading to the main entrance.
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16.03.2001. CsA
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